Frequently Asked Questions

Your Skill Set is an interactive skill based professional career mentoring platform. We’re all familiar with academic tutoring but Your Skill Set makes professional career learning and development accessible and tailored by connecting experts with those who want to progress their career.

Using real time sessions, mentees connect with their mentor, setting goals and milestones and accessing support. Whether you want individual, 1-2-1 support or benefit from group mentoring, Your Skill Set has got you covered.

For those who are doing the same job every day, we want to help individuals progress their career by helping you gain the skills, knowledge and experience day to day activities so that they are able to improve their skills and succeed in their dream job.

Finding a mentor is simple. Simply download our app “Your Skill Set – Job Mentoring” from the Apple or Google Play Store and signup. Completing your profile is amazingly simple and search through our mentor list based on your career path.

There is no charge for Mentors or Mentees. We plan to take commission from mentor’s courses fee but not before April 2021.

Mentor and Mentee should make a good connections, talk about common interests, what you want to achieve from this course, discuss education and career accomplishments and ensure you have a clear agreement as to how you contact each other to arrange lessons.

It is not acceptable that you complete the entire course and then inform us you have been unhappy with the delivery or outcome of the course and would like a refund. You should flag up any issues with the mentor as soon as they happen. We will work with the mentor and mentee to come to an understanding when there is a dispute.

Mentee will pay using the In-App Payment method. This payment will be received into YourSkillSet bank account. After 24 hours after the course is completed payment (minus any charge) with be paid into the mentor bank account. Bank account details should be upload into profile page in the app.

Mentees have 24hours to make a dispute before the payment is made to Mentor. After this time you are unable to give any refunds.

You can create unlimited courses on the app. You can create single session one off course (60 -120min), multi session courses (over number of days or weeks), but we recommend short, high impact, modular courses as it enable to fill skill gaps in knowledge and allows mentees to focus on weakness. What you decide is up to you.

The app allows mentees to post what skills they want to learn. This will be visible to all trainers so they can connect with you.

Through our intuitive and bespoke one-to-one learning app, you can connect with experts and specialists which represent a range of technical, professional and creative fields. Regardless of your area of interest, you will be able to pick your perfect mentor/course and they will guide you onto the right path towards upgrading your skills, building upon your qualifications or transitioning to a new career.


It has long been acknowledged that one-to-one learning is by far the most effective way to retain knowledge and information.

Mentoring is essentially about helping people to develop more effectively. It is a relationship designed to build confidence and support, so they are able to take control of their own career development.

  • Improved knowledge and skills
  • Strengthened critical thinking.
  • Improved opportunities
  • Networking
  • View different perspectives.
  • Provide valuable advice.

Everyone can be a mentor, we at “Your Skill Set” believe everyone has job skills that are transferable to others. You can help individuals progress their career by helping them gain the skills, knowledge, and experience day to day activities.